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Myths & Misconceptions

Myths & Misconceptions

Medical Hypnosis

Everyone expects hypnosis to be something that he or she has seen on TV or in movies, but hypnosis is not mind control. People are awake and able to move around. They can open their eyes, talk, and hear sounds. If a person has to cough or sneeze or scratch an itch, they are able.

You will often hear the state of hypnosis referred to as “trance”. That simply refers to a state of mind where a person becomes relaxed but their subconscious mind becomes susceptible to suggestions.

Since a person who is in hypnosis is awake and aware of exactly what is going on, no one can ever be made to do anything that they don’t want to do or that contradicts their values.

There is no right way to experience hypnosis. Some people feel a deep, peaceful, relaxed feeling. Others will feel like they are just sitting there listening to the hypnotherapist talk. Some people will hear and remember everything that is said during the session and some people will find that they listen to some things and then their mind wanders off to other thoughts. Every person will have the experience that they are supposed to have, because each person is unique.

Hypnosis is not the answer for everyone. It cannot solve every problem. Hypnosis can be effective in many cases but there are no guarantees. There are some people who will need to use other forms of therapy.