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Hypnosis FAQs

How long does a session take?
An initial session will take approximately an hour. Follow up sessions will run about 30 to 40 minutes.

Will I be in hypnosis during the first session?
You will be in hypnosis during the first session and all subsequent sessions that you schedule.

How many sessions will it take?
It depends on the individual and what they want to work on. However, if an individual wants to stop smoking, about 80% of the people that I see will stop smoking after one session. When a person wants to lose weight I normally suggest that they begin with two sessions. During the first session we will address all the things a person can change to help them reach their goal. Then I suggest a follow up session for about two weeks after the first so that we can reinforce the areas where they are doing well and it gives us the opportunity to see if we need to make adjustments in any areas. After that I strictly work with people on an individual basis. We will do whatever is in the client’s best interest. For other topics I suggest we start with one session and see what experience the client has. Some people will feel that they are on the right track, but others will feel like follow up will be helpful for them. We strictly work on an individual basis depending on what the client is experiencing.

Can everyone be hypnotized?
Each person is different, so people will go into hypnosis at different rates, but anyone who is willing to be hypnotized, can be.

Are you going to make me quack like a duck?
When you are in hypnosis, you are awake and aware of what is going on. You are completely in control. No one can make you do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing or anything that is against your will.

What happens during a session?
The first thing we do is sit down and discuss what hypnosis is and how it works. We talk about what is going to happen during the session and what you can look for after the session is over. Then we discuss what the person is there to work on. After that we begin the process of hypnosis.

Will my insurance company pay for hypnosis?
Most insurance companies are not covering hypnosis therapy at this time. I typically suggest that you check with your insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of your session. Since most insurance companies are not covering hypnosis, I’m not set up to bill insurance companies. If your company will pay for your hypnotherapy, you would be responsible for payment at the time of the session. I will then give you a receipt to submit for reimbursement.

Do you accept credit cards?
Accepted Payments are cash, check, Visa and Mastercard

What are your hours?
Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes. You can pick them up in my office or they can be mailed to you.